Q & A

When is a custom database needed?

People typically seek out a solution when their company is growing, their business needs change, or things start getting out of control. Take yourself beyond spreadsheets, excess paperwork, and proprietary software solutions that are unable to meet your needs with a custom solution.

What can a FileMaker database do for me?

FileMaker can be used for hundreds of reasons such as: tracking customers and contacts, managing specific department processes, inventory management, quotes, and invoicing. We'd love to come and meet with you to find out how we can help!

What type of company is FileMaker best for?

FileMaker fits well inside many different environments. Small businesses, educational institutions, large corporations, and non-profit agencies can all benefit from what FileMaker has to offer. FileMaker is a database software program that is easy to use and allows for Rapid Application Development (RAD). Great Lakes Database custom builds each solution from scratch giving each client maximum control.

I want to connect to the outside world too. Can FileMaker do this?

These databases can be served within an office or remotely accessible to multiple offices. In fact, a custom FileMaker solution can be distributed to the web via PHP, XML/XSLT, or by using FileMaker's own WebDirect option.